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Strategic Plan

Photo of driveway sign with Green Acres School name
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Since 1934, Green Acres has successfully provided children with the skills and insights to pursue their passions and improve society. Green Acres embodies the tenets of a progressive approach to education and serves Pre-K through 8th grade students on a 15-acre wooded campus in North Bethesda, Maryland.

Green Acres' 2022–2025 strategic plan is focused on building upon tradition to ensure a strong future. In keeping with the mission statement, Green Acres aims to continue inspiring students to live and learn with intellect, curiosity, determination, joy, and compassion.


Spotlight on 2022–2023 Priorities

Curriculum and Assessments: Detailed, consistent scoping and sequencing of curricula across all grades and subject areas, including assessment methods 

Operations: Clear roles and responsibilities of teachers and staff and functional processes and procedures 
Green Acres Value Proposition: Succinct definitions and messaging of Green Acres' progressive education approach, philosophy, and core values, including focus on academics 
Rebuilding Community: Plan for robust schedule of community building events and volunteering opportunities to re-engage families 
Communications: Create and implement robust communications plan
Destination Middle School: Review and enhance schedule, curriculum, capstones, communications to promote and grow Middle School program 
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Thank you to the members of the strategic plan steering committee:

Heather Walter, Co-Chair (Parent, Trustee)
Julia Martin '97, Co-Chair (Parent, Alum)
Luis Benveniste (Parent, Trustee)
Ewunike Brady (Parent)
Liz Burton (Parent, GASPA Co-Chair)
Eric Butters (Parent, Staff)
Dana Dorrier '95 (Parent, Alum)

Annie Groat (Parent, Alum Parent, Staff)
Tracey Marks (Alum Parent, Staff)
Susan Persky (Parent)
John Sanchez (Parent)
Rebecca Geary (Head of School)
Barton Aronson (Board Chair, Parent)

Take Action! 

Green Acres is lucky to have a strong community of staff, families, children, community members, and alumni. There are many opportunities for you to engage with us in this strategic process to enhance outcomes for all children who attend Green Acres!

Pre-K friends make art
Fourth grader reading in the library
Eighth grader working on math on the white board