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Leadership Opportunities

Student in suit and tie stands at podium and speaks into microphone

The world that awaits our children requires intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful leadership. That's why we empower students to be leaders here and now.

Service Learning

Friends hold a delivery outside of Food & Friends

The service learning program is designed to align its approach intentionally with our mission statement. We help our students to focus more on the quality of their volunteer work by giving them service experiences during the school day and offering guidance in their service work outside of school. Reflection is at the center of the program and will be ongoing as students negotiate a variety of experiences and feelings in their quest to help others. This is invaluable in preparing our students with a strong foundation in global citizenship, as well as just learning to “lend a helping hand.” 

Service learning includes outside-of-school volunteering at non-profits (e.g., an 8th grader volunteering at Central Union Mission in Washington, DC by preparing sandwiches), school-day experiences (e.g., Kindergarten Winter Hat/Coat/Gloves Drive), and "Give Back to Green Acres" experiences for 6th–8th graders (e.g., watering campus gardens). 

School-day service occurs across grades, and we encourage at least one outside-of-school volunteer experience for students in grades 4 and 5. Sixth, 7th, and 8th grade students are required to complete two outside-of-school volunteer experiences. 

Student-Led Initiatives

Middle School students hold pride flag

True to our progressive philosophy, we look for and support ways for students of all ages to pursue their own paths of inquiry or take on initiatives of special interest to them. In recent years, student-led initiatives have included 5th and 6th graders writing their own musical, 3rd graders launching a talent show, Middle Schoolers creating their own clubs, action groups, and workshops (e.g., GSA, Marine Biology Club, Day of Action), and a Kindergartener presenting to the Pre-K about a personal passion related to the Pre-K students' topic of study—just to name a few!


Lower School Buddies

A 1st grade friend puts his arm around his Pre-K buddy

Our Lower School Buddies program, which pairs older students with younger ones (e.g., 2nd grade and Pre-K) allows even Lower School students to assume a leadership role in our community. During "Buddy time," older buddies might engage their younger buddies in activities, read stories to them, or attend an assembly with them. Not only does this program draw our youngest learners into the fold of life outside the Early Childhood Unit, but it gives our Lower School students a sense of pride and responsibility as they practice being thoughtful friends.


The service learning program at Green Acres inspired my passion for community service. [...] I hope that one day I am able to have a career in community service, possibly fundraising for charities, social work, or working to end homelessness.

 Lucy '17, Bullis '21, Tulane '25