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Green Acres Re-Certified as a Maryland Green School

The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) announced that Green Acres School has been re-certified as a 2019 Maryland Green School. (We received a previous certification in 2015.) Maryland Green Schools are part of a national and international community of sustainable green schools. Our students are becoming better stewards of our Earth’s resources and …

5 Signs Your Child Is Not Moving Enough at School

Sara, Associate Director of Admission

As parents, we rightly worry about our children’s well-being. We want them to be healthy and happy. We hope they are internalizing habits that will help them be confident and successful throughout their lives. We assume that they will cultivate these habits at school—but very often, they won’t.

The American Academy of Pediatrics …

Exploring India through Dance

Mary Sing, Creative Movement Teacher

The 1st graders are learning about India this semester, and the dances, music, and children’s games provide amazing opportunities to find connections with another culture using one’s whole self. Through explorations based on the essential question “What can songs and dances tell us about what people care about?” the 1st graders …

Unlocking Language

Tracey Marks, Lower School Head

Often, parents express an interest in how literacy develops. They want to know more about how our language programs at Green Acres meet the developmental needs of students. Parents also seek information about how they can best support the literacy learning of their children at home.

Literacy development is an ongoing, continuous, emerging process. The term “…

Violence and Bigotry Have No Home at Green Acres

Neal M. Brown, Ed.D., Head of School

Sadly, the time lapses between senseless incidents of hatred and violence in this country are getting shorter and shorter. It is hard enough to know what to think or what to say to adults, let alone to children or to adolescents. These recent events—including this past weekend’s horrifying shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue and last week’s …

Focus on Play Is Catching Momentum

Neal M. Brown, Ed.D., Head of School

Several weeks ago, I came across this New York Times article linking children’s free play with the development of citizenship skills. "If we want saner politics," it posits, "we need to start building better foundations from the playground up."

Another recent New York Times article (as well as one in The Washington Post) talks about how …

Meet Your Teacher: Larry

Larry, Physical Education Teacher

As a senior in high school, my mother wanted me to go to college to be a civil engineer, and my guidance counselor wanted me to go to Harvard to be a lawyer. When it came time to make a choice for college, I had no interest in either.

I initially wanted to go to college to become a social studies teacher, because I was always fascinated by the allure of far …

What Kind of Teacher Does It Take to Teach Progressively?

Tracey Marks, Director of Professional Development

A popular adage says that great teachers are born, not made. But is this true? I would venture to say that great teachers usually are born with a love of children, an enthusiasm for spending time with them, and an ability to connect with them at a deep and fundamental level. But the craft of teaching itself involves much more.  

This …

Commencement Address to the Class of 2017

Neal M. Brown, Ed.D., Head of School

The Class of 2017 holds a special place in my heart, as the graduates on this stage have grown a great deal as individuals and as a group since I first met some of them during their Kindergarten year. It has been an honor and a joy to take this nine-year journey alongside them and alongside their cohesive and involved parents—through the full trajectory …

Talking about Race: Don't We All Do It?

Sue Choi, Current Green Acres Parent
Introduction by Neal M. Brown, Ed.D., Head of School

Central to our school’s mission is helping to cultivate and nourish in each student a genuine respect and compassion for all people. We work to do this in “big” pre-planned ways, such as our recent Middle School Day of Action and First Grade India Assembly. We also do this in “…

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