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Green Acres Re-Certified as a Maryland Green School

The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) announced that Green Acres School has been re-certified as a 2019 Maryland Green School. (We received a previous certification in 2015.) Maryland Green Schools are part of a national and international community of sustainable green schools. Our students are becoming better stewards of our Earth’s resources and …

5 Signs Your Child Is Not Moving Enough at School

Sara, Associate Director of Admission

As parents, we rightly worry about our children’s well-being. We want them to be healthy and happy. We hope they are internalizing habits that will help them be confident and successful throughout their lives. We assume that they will cultivate these habits at school—but very often, they won’t.

The American Academy of Pediatrics …

Exploring India through Dance

Mary Sing, Creative Movement Teacher

The 1st graders are learning about India this semester, and the dances, music, and children’s games provide amazing opportunities to find connections with another culture using one’s whole self. Through explorations based on the essential question “What can songs and dances tell us about what people care about?” the 1st graders …

7th & 8th Grade Art: Transforming Art Skills into Essential Questions

Hallie, Art Teacher

There are a few critical elements, principles, and skills that any middle school art teacher wants to cover during their 7th and 8th grade curriculum: concepts like texture, color, composition, and balance. As a progressive educator, my goal is to transform these skills and units of study into essential questions that guide students as they work, in order to encourage …

Posted by Mrs. Sara Kendall Huneke in Middle School on Monday March 11
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Unlocking Language

Tracey Marks, Lower School Head

Often, parents express an interest in how literacy develops. They want to know more about how our language programs at Green Acres meet the developmental needs of students. Parents also seek information about how they can best support the literacy learning of their children at home.

Literacy development is an ongoing, continuous, emerging process. The term “…

5th & 6th Grade Art: Promoting Innovation and Creativity, Fostering Joy and Curiosity

Shellie, Art Teacher

What does progressive education look like in the middle school art room? In the lower school, we talk about fostering a sense of wonder, curiosity and joy in our young students. This idea holds true for our middle school students as well. In the art classroom, projects are designed to encourage students to maintain their curious and joyful nature while, at the same time, …

Posted by Mrs. Sara Kendall Huneke in Middle School, Lower School on Wednesday March 6
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Jen, 4th Grade Teacher

We recently painted our six-year-old daughter’s bedroom wall with chalkboard paint. I was touched to discover this message next to her bed in pink: “I LV YOO MOME.” Translation? I love you, Mommy. 

Even as an educator experienced in deciphering the inventive spelling (sometimes called invented spelling) of young children, it took me a minute to …

Posted by Mrs. Sara Kendall Huneke in Lower School on Monday March 4
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Developing Joyful Writers

Melissa, 1st Grade Teacher

In the Primary Unit, students participate in daily language arts classes. In these classes, a child “learns to read” by listening, speaking, writing, spelling, and reading. These skills are not separate entities; rather, they are all equally important and crucial to reading acquisition. Some children may love books, but they are reluctant writers, speakers, …

Posted by Mrs. Sara Kendall Huneke on Friday March 1
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Visual Arts: Exploring the World Beyond Names

Peter Klam, Middle School Head

The ancient world fully appreciated the power that words have. Words allow us to codify the world—to break it down into discrete elements and to differentiate among similar things by naming them. It is not coincidental that one of Adam’s first tasks in the book of Genesis was the naming of animals. Names gave him (and give us) dominion over the world.

Posted by Mrs. Sara Kendall Huneke in Middle School on Tuesday February 19
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Demystifying Math

Alison, 4th Grade Teacher

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.” William Paul Thurston

When I think about teaching math I get very excited. There are so many patterns, numbers, shapes, equations, and so much more to contemplate that I can’t wait to get to grips with it. But that is not the case for every …

Posted by Mrs. Sara Kendall Huneke in Lower School on Monday January 7
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