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 My Green Acres education, and moreover my entire experience at the School, has had a profound and daily impact on my life. The community and progressive philosophy of learning shaped who I am today as a person—as a woman, a mother, a friend, a partner, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist.

Marta Ferro ’85 
President, Starfish Impact
Partner, Social Venture Partners

2018-2019 Tuition + Fees

  • 3s and 4s Half-Day Pre-Kindergarten: $15,555
  • 3s and 4s Pre-Kindergarten: $23,750 + applicable fees
  • Kindergarten: $28,730 + applicable fees
  • 1st–8th Grades: $37,970 + applicable fees

Financial Aid

Throughout its history, Green Acres School has encouraged enrollment of an economically diverse student community. As part of that effort, our financial aid program is designed to assist families with financial need by covering a part of the cost of tuition and other expenses at the school. We urge every family to consider applying for aid; often even a small grant will make a difference.

Fast Facts:

  • 36% of Green Acres School students receive financial aid
  • Financial aid awards in 2017-18 ranged from 10% to 90% of tuition.
  • Monthly payment plans allow you to spread your child’s educational expenses over the course of the school year

How Grants Are Awarded

The Financial Aid Committee reviews IRS forms and data from the Parents’ Financial Statement and considers all listed criteria in making individual grant decisions. The Financial Aid Committee also is guided by current Board policy in determining grant amounts. Whenever possible, families are notified about grant decisions at the same time as admission decisions to facilitate enrollment-related decision making.

Financial Aid Application Process

As a regular part of our admission process, the financial aid information listed below is emailed to all applicant families. In situations of separation or divorce, each parent is required to complete all forms separately. The School’s Accounting Manager is available to answer questions or to meet with parents upon request. All information is treated confidentially. A complete financial aid application requires the following forms and documents submitted by the deadlines below. 

  • By January 22, 2018, submit the Green Acres School Financial Aid Request Form to the School by mail, fax or email
  • By January 22, 2018, complete the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) from School and Student Services (SSS). The Green Acres’ code is 3505. All parents/guardians must complete this form. If parents are divorced or separated, each parent/guardian must complete their own PFS. Please submit the form online at
  • By January 22, 2018, upload to the SSS website:
    • your final 2016 Federal Tax Return (including schedules and forms, eg. K-1's). 
    • your 2016 and 2017 W-2s and/or 1099-Misc 
    • your completed IRS Form 4506-T  This form should NOT be sent to the IRS). Also, DO NOT send any money with this form. 
    • your 2017 Federal Tax Return as soon as it is completed.
    • Please note: For families with multiple children in tuition-charging schools, a copy of the financial aid award received at each child’s institution should be uploaded to SSS as soon as it is available to the family. The family should then notify our Financial Aid Office that they have done so. We may also ask for proof of attendance at other tuition-charging schools.

While we encourage you to apply for financial aid, please be aware that our priority will be for current families and those new families whose admission applications were received by the January 22 admission application deadline.

Families may call our Financial Aid Office with any questions about the financial aid process.

Financial Aid Questions?

Contact the Financial Aid Office
P: 301.881.4100 x111
F: 301.881.5790

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