General Information 

  • Although 80% of the camp’s physical plant is air-conditioned, a lot of time is spent outside, so this can be a hot job!
  • All Junior Camp staff and Lifeguards get in the pool every day. All new staff will need to pass a swimming test before camp starts.
  • Counselors eat lunch with their homeroom groups. Junior Camp staff units meet once a week during the camp day for planning and coordination. Each staff member gets a short break each day.
  • Staff members are paid every three weeks. Each staff group has a salary range that is determined by seniority and experience. CITs are paid a stipend in the range of $2406 to $2459; beginning Counselors make approximately $2511; Lead Counselors’ salaries begin at about $3940; and Unit Leaders’ salaries begin at about $5110. Pool CITs start at $2888; Pool Counselors start at $3120; Pool Lead Counselors make about $4512. Since this is a temporary job, no health insurance or other benefits are offered.
  • When camp units have an Extended Day or an overnight, the Counselors for that unit must stay after 3:30 PM (Units B & C) or overnight (Unit D).
  • There are no events to display.
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