Junior Camp (Units A -C)

Camp Unit      Current Grade  (18-19 school year)    
 Unit A Pre - Kindergarten
 Unit B Kindergarten
 Unit C
 1st Grade

Campers enjoy several fun activities each day -  they choose at least one activity for themselves along with swimming and plenty of time on the playground! The Specials Activity period ensures each camper tries each activity in order to expand their interests. The activities are developmentally appropriate and, at times, may be generated from the campers’ suggestions, interests, and experiences.


In our relaxed environment, junior campers delight in having the freedom to pursue a special interest, as well as the opportunity to develop a new one. The highlight of the summer for each unit is their Special Day when the activities revolve around a particular theme and Units B & C even stay late on campus. 

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The beach entrance and shallow teaching well at our pool is useful for young swimmers. We use a Red Cross certified instruction program which we supplement with Mr. Blue songs and pool teaching aids developed by Julie Gross, a certified water safety instructor and elementary school teacher. For more information, please visit Lessons With Julie. Because we want children to develop a love of swimming, we do not force children to do anything other than to dress in their bathing suits and come to the pool. We evaluate where campers are as it relates to their comfort level and skill and then divide into small teaching groups to work on strokes, turns, and diving. Counselors are in the pool assisting the swim staff which helps to keep the teaching groups small.


Learning to measure, mix, and bake are the goals in cooking activities – and eating the finished product of course! Campers bake muffins, biscuits, and make ‘dirt’ pudding.


Drama & Music

Campers learn a variety of songs and skits from around the world. Accompanied by a guitar, they love to perform them especially at Gully and on Parents Days!


The art room is a creative place with young artists expressing themselves artistically with projects like scrapbooks, cloth puppets, crazy character hair planters (stockings filled with seeds and decorated to look like a character which grow hair when the seeds sprout!), paper mosaics in the shapes of lizards, butterflies and fish, sequin butterfly pictures, and fluorescent painted fans. Sewing, weaving, and tie-dying are also popular. After the campers complete their daily project, the campers are free to explore activities in watercolors, drawing, stencils, and beading.

Young Explorers

Science classes always start with a question such as “What kinds of living things are in our natural habitat?” Campers then take a nature walk to our creek and the surrounding areas on campus, observe living things, and identify insects and native trees. Campers also explore many scientific areas through a variety of experiments and hands-on activities in the classroom.

Sports Stars

Campers have fun and develop athletic skills through many different kinds of team games and activities. Organized sports games during the Specials period will be a team sports (i.e. t-ball or soccer). Before each game, campers will participate in short drills to practice basic skills like dribbling, catching and throwing. Green Acres favorites like freeze tag, parachute games, balloon relay races, and gaga will continue to be offered as Choice Time activities in the afternoon.

Little Carpenters

Campers learn to hammer, nail, drill, and saw safely using foam and then move on to a variety of wood and wire projects. Bird houses, peg board games, door hangers, picture frames, and wire sculpture are just a few of the projects campers have worked on. Older campers design and build a wide variety of things like tool boxes, key holders, marble runs, and benches.

Mini Maestros

Campers embark on a musical journey into exploring rhythm and melody and creating new songs of their own. We start by learning to sing and move to a song, and then isolate specific parts to use in creating new compositions of our own. Campers enjoy creating rhythms to play with different instruments and making their own melody patterns.  Campers have fun playing new rhythms on different instruments and forming a band with overlapping rhythms. On the rhythmic front, campers used three different percussion instruments in groups to create a rhythm ensemble that included different patterns that all fit together into a unified whole. Being part of a group like this is a wonderful way to experience the music and see how each member adds to the whole! 

Outdoor Play

All of the Junior Camp units open directly on the playground for easy access. There are two dedicated play areas for junior campers with swings, several play houses, sand box and numerous climbing structures and slides. It is shaded, too!

Assemblies & Special Events

Weekly assemblies are very popular at Green Acres. Shows featuring singing puppets, dog tricks, reptiles, dancers and storytellers were a big hit last summer. We also have a 4th of July Parade and Fun Run, Fun Fridays, Spirit Days, a Staff Vaudeville Show, and each unit has a Special Day.
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