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Green Acres School students receive homework assignments starting in Grade 3. Our approach to homework is guided by the following points:

  • Homework should not be “busy work”—homework is thoughtfully assigned to build skills and understanding and to give time for reflection. 
  • We want our students to understand the reasons behind their assignments.
  • Assignments are given to help students to develop the habits of organization and responsibility, developing an even greater sense of ownership.
  • All homework is developmentally appropriate, both in amount and in what it demands, and this differs by grade level.
  • We recognize that there’s a tipping point. Homework can become counterproductive to learning and to help children develop their understanding–we strive to find the right balance.
  • We want to work in partnership with you. We recognize that kids differ and that how they and you approach the homework process can be quite unique to families.
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