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Social Studies

Students benefit from understanding their own culture as well as other cultures throughout the world. The social studies program at Green Acres enhances each student’s sense of individuality and self-awareness while emphasizing meaningful connections to other people, events, and environments.

Students in Grade 5 study the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, the first presidents and the beginnings of American westward expansion. The year culminates with the highly anticipated Oregon Trail unit, which challenges teams of students, who have taken on the roles of pioneer men and women, by problem solving and negotiating how to reach the West.

In Grade 6, students concentrate on ancient civilizations, including Egypt, Greece, China, India, and Rome. Hands-on activities deepen learning; for example, students not only read about mummies, but actually mummify barbie dolls!

Our students synthesize more complex information in Grade 7. The social studies curriculum comprises both a comprehensive course in world geography and a survey of American history of the 19th century. Students study in-depth the critical historical event of the time, the Civil War, and they examine topics relevant to our world today, such as immigration and discrimination.

In Grade 8, the curriculum expands to cover more abstract concepts, such as social justice and responsibility. Students take World Studies, a history of the world since 1900. Through in-depth discussion, argument and simulations, World Studies challenges students to analyze world events in sophisticated ways that they have not yet encountered and teaches them to question interpretations of history.

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