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Students develop Spanish language abilities by learning about the cultures in which the language is spoken and by learning age-appropriate language skills. Spanish instruction by a Spanish language teacher begins in PK and K. Through stories, movement, and songs, children become familiar with the sounds and structure of the language while they practice listening and speaking.  Instruction becomes a more formal part of the curriculum beginning in first grade, and each year students review and build upon material introduced earlier. By third and fourth grade, students are actively developing the more advanced language skills that they will use and build upon in Middle School. Classes are conducted in Spanish as much as possible, and active role-playing and participation in games, music, poetry, and projects encourage language acquisition. As they grow, children learn more sophisticated vocabulary and grammar skills and expand their writing, reading, and speaking abilities. Projects are undertaken that allow students to explore the customs, foods, celebrations, and arts of the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish lessons are frequently integrated with studies in other disciplines such as music and drama, science, social studies, and language arts.

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