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As the first racially integrated school in Montgomery County, Green Acres School has welcomed a diverse community of educators and learners since its founding in 1934. Our inclusive atmosphere appreciates families, students, and staff from all backgrounds, and we embrace multifaceted diversity in the world beyond our school community. Our educational framework specifically addresses the “Big Nine” social identifiers (ability, age, ethnicity, body image, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, race, and religion), as reflected in the many cultural programs, events, and themes woven into our curriculum.

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Green Acres School Diversity Statement

At Green Acres School, we believe that a vigorous learning environment benefits from collaboration among people of diverse backgrounds and from continual reflection on policies and practices in and out of the classroom. Ultimately, this kind of environment is transformative for everyone. Therefore, Green Acres School fosters an inclusive and uplifting community that welcomes families of diverse ability, age, ethnicity, body image, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

We strive for diversity in our student and staff populations; to heighten student, staff, and family awareness of diversity issues; to create a strong curriculum reflecting our diversity; and to foster a sense of belonging for everyone in the Green Acres community. Our students grow to be responsible citizens with the sensitivity, skills, and sense of equity and social justice needed to make our increasingly complex and diverse world a better place.

Green Acres School Statement of Inclusion

Green Acres School is committed to the importance of diversity and equity in all aspects of its work. We value a diverse community that welcomes people of any race, national or ancestral origin, religion, economic circumstance, gender identity and expression, family composition, and sexual orientation.

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