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Protect Your Skin!

We have been having safe fun in the sun for five wonderful weeks through the use of sunscreen and protective clothing, but summer is not over yet. It is important to continue to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays during summer fun and whenever you are outside. Take this simple test and see how much you do or don’t know before you go out in the sun today!*

1. What percentage of skin cancer is caused by sun exposure?
2. True/False: Less than 33% of adults and children routinely use sun protection?
3. What form of skin cancer kills one person every hour?
4. What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?
5. What are the peak hours for harmful UV radiation? 


1. 90%: When proper protection is worn, sun exposure is decreased and so is a person’s cancer risk, along with a drop in skin damage and wrinkles (bonus).
2. True: Shocking, isn’t it! That means 67% of people do not routinely use sun protection. Not using sun protection on a regular basis increases your chances for sun exposure and skin cancer.
3. Melanoma: This is the deadliest form of skin cancer (yikes!). Most melanoma resembles a mole, and is mainly caused by intense UV ray exposure, which often leads to sunburn. If detected early, it is almost always curable. It is almost always fatal if left undetected, as it becomes metastatic (cancerous cells spread to other areas).
4. Ultraviolet A is longwave and Ultraviolet B is shortwave. Both UV rays penetrate the atmosphere and cause skin aging, skin cancer and eye damage.
5. 10 AM – 4 PM: Cloudy or sunny, the sun is the strongest and most likely to cause skin damage during these hours. Since you probably don’t want to hibernate during peak hours, you should be smart about sun protection.

SOURCE: The Skin Cancer Foundation
If you are interested in ordering sun-safe Green Acres products, visit

Posted by on Tuesday July 22, 2014
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Throughout all of my summers here at camp, Green Acres has felt like a second home to me. This is a place where someone can learn and grow as an individual, while also contributing to a larger collective that strives to create a fun, yet safe environment for all children. Due to the high quality of this aforementioned Green Acres ‘system,’ the thought of stepping out of my shell and leaving camp (even for a few days) was always a daunting one during my later years as a camper. This quandary always arrived every summer at the same time, the second to last week of camp, when the annual camp overnight trips took place. While leaving camp was hard, I always knew that my Green Acres experience would not go away even if I spent a few days away from camp! I would still have all of my fellow campers, my fantastic counselors, and I would also have the opportunity to try some exciting new things!

This year, the oldest campers in units F and GH went to the Echo Hill Outdoor School on Maryland’s Eastern Shore this past Tuesday for a three-day trip! The campers will enjoy fun activities like boating, experiencing a high ropes course along with enjoying some great food and bonding time with their fellow campers and counselors. While leaving camp is scary, trips like this one only bring the campers closer together. Being away from a comfortable environment is never easy, but after seeing how much fun some of these unique activities are, the campers will realize how worthwhile these trips are, as I did!

Amazingly, we are already gearing up for the end of camp, and the campers have one last week of their classes to look forward to, along with some great events like Maryland Madness (otherwise known as the camp Olympics), and the final ‘Vaudeville’ show, where each unit puts on a skit/performance for the whole camp to see. Overall, it is sad to see that camp is almost over, but we have had a blast so far, and the good times will only continue! Check the blog for more updates!! Go camp!!!

Posted by on Thursday July 17, 2014
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Problem Solving through Making Choices

We have been having a blast at camp! Each day has been filled with swimming, exciting activities, and all around fun! Campers have become very comfortable in their units with their new friends and counselors. In addition to the fun, the skills of collaboration and problem solving are continuing to develop.

Throughout each day, campers make choices about their activities, games they play at recess, and their behavior. They learn that friendship blossoms through kindness, encompasses more than one person, and can include disagreements. Campers are encouraged to work through these disagreements by discussing their feelings and developing empathy. Even the youngest campers begin to understand the consequences of choices they make and are able to work through situations with the help of their counselors.

Parents can continue this education at home by providing opportunities for children to make choices, and accepting the consequences of those choices, both positive and negative. Choosing an outfit, what to pack for lunch, and which chores children will complete are just a few ideas parents can incorporate into the day. Be sure to hold children accountable, and accept their choices. That includes allowing your child to wear the plaid shorts with the polka-dotted shirt that he or she chooses. J

When children disagree or argue about a direction you have given, consider phrasing your expectations as a choice rather than as an order. This will empower them to make a decision and that decision will be a choice that they have made, including the consequence.

Green Acres Camp emphasizes choices, creativity, friendships, and fun. It also fosters social and emotional development in a safe environment with caring adults.

Green Acres; it’s the place to be!  

Posted by on Monday July 14, 2014 at 08:59AM
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The Importance of Physical Activity

In the dog days of summer, when the temperature reaches ninety-five degrees, no one wants to move out of the air conditioned buildings. There is a danger of leisure time becoming filled with video games, television, or perhaps, if you’re lucky, reading or playing a board game. Despite the hot weather it is imperative that children continue to participate in physical activities.

At Green Acres, campers have multiple opportunities to be active throughout the day. Organized games such as the favorite Russian Dodge, Doctors and Soldiers or soccer involve the use of physical skills coupled with strategy. Creative games might incorporate a theme, such as Kryptonite Toss, World Cup Relay Races, or Ring around the Planet dance.

It is important for children to continue to participate in physical activities on the weekends and when camp is over. Exercise keeps children physically fit, provides an outlet for excess energy, relieves stress, and clears the mind. In addition, it gives families an opportunity to bond and have fun together.

When children are outside, choose activities that involve water, such as swimming, playing “Duck, Duck, Splash” (ask your child about that one), wet sponge tag, or water balloon toss. Take frequent breaks, and drink plenty of water.

Inside fun can still be physical. Dancing, playing indoor games with a Nerf ball, or doing yoga are just a few ideas. Visit your local recreation center or public indoor pool where physical activity can be done in a cool and spacious area. Whatever you do, keep moving.

Ask your children for ideas. They are sure to be a great resource as they have been having fun at camp. Green Acres: it’s the place to be!

Posted by lynnc on Tuesday July 8, 2014
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Workshops: Where the Familiar and the Unknown Collide

Incredibly, this is the second week of July! The first three weeks have been a great success, and we expect the rest of camp to be just as fantastic, if not better! This week, I want to talk about one very important part of Senior Camp: workshops! Now, for those of you who may not know, workshops are what we call afternoon activities for campers in units D through GH here at camp. Unlike the morning activities, which the campers choose each session (every 3 weeks), workshops are different every day! The campers select which activities they would like to participate in during their lunch period. In my opinion, the best thing about workshops (aside from the introduction of new games/crafts each day) is the sheer variety of activities that campers can participate in. On any given afternoon, you could find campers playing kickball in the gym, making mosaics in the art room, swimming, conjuring model magic creatures in the middle school building, competing in a game of capture the flag on the field, or even heading out on a nature walk. The myriad of workshops that exist every day at Green Acres allows for every camper to find an activity that suits his/her desires!

When I was a camper, finding out the day’s workshops was always a fun, but suspenseful endeavor. What would today’s activities be? Would there be any sports to play? Could all of my friends be in the same workshop? My head was always overflowing with ‘what ifs’ and urgent inquiries. But one question always seemed to pervade through my sea of curiosity: how could there be so many different activities? Where did they come from? The answer to this question was not clear until I became a counselor. It is the creative Green Acres staff that comes up with new workshops! Every week, each senior camp staff member submits a list of workshop ideas that includes sports/games, cooking, along with arts and crafts. These suggestions are given to our awesome workshop coordinator, Bobby, who complies these ideas every day into a small list of games and projects that the campers can choose from. Since tons of new, unique suggestions are constantly coming in, the river of workshop ideas never runs dry. The next logical question that you may have is this: despite having all of these new games, are there any activities special to Green Acres that the campers can take part in? The answer to this question is a profound yes. While new, seemingly unknown workshops can be seen every day throughout campus, old stalwarts, like Russian Dodge and Camp Paparazzi for example, still make daily appearances.   

In the end, it is up to each individual camper to decide whether or not to try something new, or go back to an activity that they have previously found entertaining. The familiar games provide the campers a sense of comfort, while the unknown activities come with an exciting suspenseful vibe. Despite these differences, one thing is certain: the freedom of choice allows for each child to leave Green Acres happy every day! Remember to check back to the blog for more updates!!! Go Camp!!!

Posted by davidl on Monday July 7, 2014 at 08:07AM
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Empowering Children Through Choice

Wow! It has been an exciting 2 weeks at Green Acres! Each day campers are bubbling with enthusiasm as they recount the day’s events to their parents and proudly share what they have learned. There are numerous creative and innovative activities offered, and having the opportunity to make choices is one of the reasons why Green Acres Camp is the place to be!

One of our goals is to empower children to become independent thinkers and learners. Camp is a safe environment in which campers may take risks, challenge themselves, or make a discovery. By selecting their own activities, campers are able to focus on their individual interests and are free to try something new. Making independent decisions is the first step towards independence and camp gives children the chance to make multiple decisions throughout the day.

Encourage your child to describe the activities he or she has chosen. Praise him/her for trying something new, even if the activity was not a favorite. These conversations may provide insight into the ways your child thinks and solves problems, and may lead to further discussions about decision making. Green Acres; it’s the place to be!

Posted by lynnc on Tuesday July 1, 2014
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The First Week: New Choices, New Friends, New Adventures

Amazingly, the first week of camp is already in the books! The campers have settled into their units, met some new friends (or reconnected with old ones), and are now ready to jump into the rest of this first camp session! While I was a camper here at Green Acres, the first week of camp was always filled with excitement (with a bit of apprehension), as new, innovative activities appeared alongside the many camp stalwarts that made (and still make) Green Acres such a great place. This same excitement that I felt during my years as a camper was palpable over this past week. The campers not only were ecstatic to continue older camp activities such as Woodworking, Sports, or Art, but also seemed excited and inherently ready to branch out and try some new things! One of my biggest fears as a camper was not getting the activities that I wanted during first week sign-ups. However, summer after summer, year after year, I realized that trying a new, unique activity was a blessing in disguise. Here at Green Acres, all of our programs are fun, enriching, and can most definitely introduce a child to a newfound activity that they could fall in love with! While some of these new endeavors may be scary at first for a few campers (as I often was), I know that they will have a blast no matter what activities they take part in!

A few other great aspects of this first week were our Fun Friday festivities! Many of our campers and counselors arrived at Green Acres decked out in stripes and polka dots for our first spirit day! We were also delighted to watch a group of show dogs (from the Frisbee Dogs show group) perform various tricks and put their acrobatic skills on display! In Senior Camp, each unit also had a chance to create a unit mural reflecting each spirit day that we will have over the course of the two, three week camp sessions, and each unit’s name. These were presented in a grand ceremony this past Monday, and we also got to hear each unit’s unique cheer! While the mural and cheer may seem superficial and cheesy, these specific objects/activities help create a unified team environment. This environment is one that not only produces a fun experience for the campers, but also fosters each child’s social development, as they learn how to be a vital part of a team.

Overall, this past week was not just the first week of camp, but was also the beginning of a summer full of new, enriching experiences that can last a lifetime! I am excited to help provide the kids with a camp experience that was as much fun as my own Green Acres experience was! Remember to check back to the blog for more weekly updates! Go Camp!!!
Posted by davidl on Friday June 27, 2014 at 08:12AM
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Week One of Camp in the Books!

Our first week has come to a close, and everyone has been having a blast! Moms and dads are surely anxious to know what their children have been doing, but with so many activities, new friends, and exciting experiences, your child might answer with, “I don’t know” when asked about his or her favorite activity. Here are a few tips to help glean some information from your children:

  1. Jr campers participate in specials every day including; Kaleidoscope (art), explorers (science), carpenters (woodworking), and dance jam (dance). Referring to these specific activities will help campers to focus on fun activities that they experienced during the week.
  2. With these hot and hazy days of summer, campers have been swimming in our beautiful pool on a daily basis. Ask about lessons and free swim, too!
  3. Campers have been bringing home all sorts of creations they have made at camp. Take time to ask about how they made them and what they learned.
  4. Ask your child if he/she can tell you the names of some of the new friends in his/her unit. Counselors make a real effort to introduce campers to one another and play games to help learn one another’s names. You may want to set up play dates for your child to foster new friendships.
  5. Finally, check out all the fun through your Camp In Touch account. Click on “photos” and the “Summer Scoop” to learn more!

Green Acres: it’s the place to be!

Posted by lynnc on Monday June 23, 2014
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Camp is Here! Are you Ready?

The school year has come to an end, and camp is here! It’s time to get organized so that your camper is ready for his/her first week. Some things to consider:

  • Make sure your child wears comfortable clothes that he/she can move in and not worry too much about getting dirty.
  • Sneakers or closed-toed shoes are the safest and most practical choice of footwear for campers to participate in a variety of activities.
  • Campers will spend time both inside and outside. Be sure to send your child to camp with a water bottle and sunscreen.
  • Remember to pack a swimsuit, towel, pool shoes, and for younger campers, a change of clothes.
  • Green Acres is environmentally conscious. Please send lunches packed in reusable containers. We do not refrigerate lunches so be sure to use icepacks if food needs to stay cold.
  • Sometimes campers are insecure about attending camp, especially during the first week. Reassure your child that he or she will be safe and that you will be excited to hear all about his/her experiences at the end of the day.

Green Acres is the place to be! 

Posted by lynnc on Monday June 16, 2014 at 10:58AM
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Welcome to Camp

Hello Green Acres!! Camp is right around the corner! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is David Levine, and this is my 6th year working at camp. I just finished my freshman year at Cornell University, and I am seeking a BS and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now you may ask, how does a college student from New York end up at Green Acres? Well, the answer is simple: I was a camper here! I started all the way back in 2001, when I was in Unit B! I moved up through all of the units, finishing up my time as a camper in Unit H. Next, I became a community service counselor after taking a year off, before becoming a counselor in training, and then reaching my current position as a counselor! As you may see, I have been at Green Acres for a very long time, and I absolutely love it here! This camp helped shape my childhood, and I have had a blast helping my campers enjoy camp as much as I did! I am so excited to get started this summer, which has nearly arrived!! 

 Now the next question you may ask is: what do I do at camp? Well, I am a counselor in Unit GH here at Green Acres. I teach sports to our Senior Campers, and  I am also one of the day trip counselors this summer. I will be accompanying our oldest campers on fun weekly excursions to places like the Adventure Park in Baltimore, and on a tubing trip on the Shenandoah! Throughout the summer, I will be posting updates to this blog regarding all of our fabulous camp activities, and what all of our great campers are up to, from the Kangaroos in Unit K to our oldest campers in Unit GH! From the July 4th Fun Run to swimming and Spirit Days, I am giddy with excitement for all of the fun things we have in store for the campers!! Check back frequently for more blog updates.

I cannot wait to get the summer started!! Go Camp!!

Posted by on Thursday June 12, 2014
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