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July 2018: Week 1

We have to come to the end of our first fabulous week of camp. Laughter, gasps, and shrieks of delight have filled the air as campers have reunited with old friends, tried new activities, and marveled at the magic of John Hadfield, the star of our science assembly.

Green Acres Camp has always been a special place, where campers are the central focus. Each year staff comes together to brainstorm how to make the camp even better than the previous year, and the summer of 2018 is no exception. We have added exciting opportunities for campers in both junior and senior camp, such as Bee Bots, Drones, and playing the Yukulele! As you check out our newsletters, you will find photographs of campers in each unit involved in all types of workshops. Use the pictures as a springboard to ask your child about his/her experiences this week at camp!

One of the goals at Green Acres is to encourage campers to try something new. This might be taking a risk to make a new friend, trying an activity that they have never tried before, or choosing to go to a workshop without a best buddy. Each camper develops at his/her own rate and receives support and encouragement from the counselors at each step. New experiences are celebrated and the campers feel a sense of accomplishment when they try something that forces them out of their comfort zone. We encourage you as parents to support your children as they develop these skills.

In the article “Risk-Taking Can Lead to Growth” by Kristine Snow Millard, the author stresses the importance of taking risks.

“…Campers gain self-confidence when they realize they “don’t have to be successful in everything they try.”

Indeed, it’s “not how you’ve done it, or how well, but that you’ve tried it,” … Again, the staff are key.  “Follow-through feeds campers’ souls,” she said. If a counselor processes a camper’s experience “in the moment,” the camper gets the message of “’I’m going to stick with you no matter what.’”

 “It’s all about connection, all about relationships,” she said. “Being able to say, ‘that was awesome, you tried that, and you learned a lot, now you know what you can do differently,’” is a key to a counselor working with a camper, McMullan said.

“It’s so important that we try to create a community where everyone is valued for things they can do, and supported in things that are challenges.”

We hope this week is just the beginning of an incredible summer filled with choices, creativity, friendship, and fun!

Green Acres: it’s the place to be!

Posted by Mrs. Sara Kendall Huneke on Monday July, 2, 2018

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