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May 2017

We live in a complicated world, where nothing can be taken for granted. We’re surprised at what is said and done.  We’re shocked at what we read and observe.  Changes in our world cause us to reflect.  What lessons are we being taught?

Patience- We must take the time to listen to what is behind the shocking statement or rash action. What might the person be thinking or experiencing? What do we need to understand? What might happen next if we take the time to contemplate before we jump to conclusions?

Tolerance- People have their own ideas, philosophies, and beliefs. We need to recognize that everyone’s thoughts have value, and we will never agree on everything. We need to find common ground and work together.

Respect- To earn respect you must demonstrate respect in your words and actions. Take a breath and think before you speak or react. Think about how those words and actions will affect others.

Kindness- A kind word can be the best part of a person’s day and can influence the choices he/she makes; a simple smile, the catalyst to a day of fun. We need to focus on the positive.

What does all of this have to do with camp?

When your children come to Green Acres, they will meet people that are different than they are. They will not agree on all of their ideas. They will have different strengths and weaknesses. Some mornings they may arrive in a bad mood. They may be sad about something or not want to participate in an activity. Each day will be different. It’s our job to make each day an opportunity for learning, friendship, and fun.

Green Acres is a place where staff members have patience. We do our best to understand the motivation behind actions and statements and help them to move in a positive direction. When children recognize someone is willing to listen, they develop confidence in themselves and a positive relationship with their counselors.

 We teach children to be accepting of different ideas and to be proud of their individuality. This may be manifested in the creation of a piece of art, playing a game, or accepting ideas that are different from theirs. We celebrate our diversity and strive for cooperation.

Campers are an integral part of developing camp expectations for behavior. They contribute their ideas for what a camp needs in order to run smoothly and safely. They express how they and others should be treated. Counselors value campers’ ideas and provide a safe and caring environment.

Green Acres is full of smiles and fun. Our campers continue to return each summer due to the relationships they build with their friends and counselors, and the engaging activities that are offered.  Camp provides the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment, to wonder, to explore, and to learn. It’s a wonderful way to spend the summer. 

Green Acres; it’s the place to be!

-Lynn Camacho

Posted by judys on Tuesday May, 30, 2017

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