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I am a teacher. I have taught for 35 years in Montgomery County Public Schools. March is typically “testing month” where we assess what our students have learned through standardized tests of one type or another. It is also the time of year when I start evaluating myself and what I have learned from my students. It is amazing how much our children can teach us if we are open to learning.

Ted Rubin, a Social Marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and brand evangelist focusing on relationships, has published “The 12 Most Important Lessons We Can Learn from Children.” These ideas may seem simple, but we, as adults, can change our lives if we stop and really listen to our children. At camp, children have an opportunity to share these lessons with us every day.

  1. Be Yourself- We celebrate the unique characteristics of all campers so that they can be exactly who they are. Children learn cooperation and acceptance, which fosters individual development.
  2. Just Be Happy- We start each day with a friendly greeting and a smile. We encourage campers to have fun, make friends, try new things, and express themselves creatively. What a great way to be happy!
  3. Skip- At Green Acres, we skip, hop, dance, and run throughout the day. Campers are able to choose a variety of activities which involve all sorts of movement!
  4. Make Friends- Friendship is a main focus at Green Acres. Campers learn the value of maintaining bonds with old friends while making room for new ones. Campers look forward to reuniting with friends each summer, and we encourage fostering those friendships throughout the year.
  5. Say what you mean, mean what you say- Camp provides an opportunity for children to communicate with both staff and their peers. Staff members model the importance of sending clear messages and work with campers on their communication skills.
  6. Smile- Smiles are found in abundance at camp. Just check out the photos we share throughout the summer. Whether at Gully, in activities, chatting with friends, or sharing a joke with a counselor, your child will be smiling throughout the summer!
  7. Relax…take a nap- While actual napping is usually only seen in Unit K, camp does provide an opportunity  for campers to break away from the school routine and have some fun. Cooperation, rather than competition, is stressed, and kids can choose what they would like to do for part of each day. Daily D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) periods let children curl up with a good book while resting their minds and bodies.
  8. Be Fearless- Green Acres encourages taking risks and trying new activities. Whether it is art, dance, a sport, or even learning to swim, campers have the opportunity to overcome their fears in a safe environment under the supervision of caring adults. Camp is where new experiences occur and memories are created.
  9. Sing- “Black Socks”, “The Princess Pat”, and “The Moose” are just a few of the favorites that you will hear at Green Acres. Campers sing at Gully, in their units, and sometimes while traversing from one activity to another. If you are the parent of a Junior Camper, you will probably be serenaded while driving in the car! Ask your child to share his/her favorite camp song! It may be one of your own favorites.
  10. Wonder about Everything- Introducing campers to new experiences naturally invites questions and new ideas. Science experiments, woodworking, art, and gardening are just some of the experiences that will ignite a child’s imagination and encourage him/her to wonder.
  11. Explore- Nature hikes, non-competitive games, and following a hypothesis in science foster the inquisitive nature of a child. Green Acres provides many opportunities for exploration inside and outside the building.
  12. Play- Play exists in many forms at Green Acres. Whether at outdoor recess, sports, imaginative games, or in workshops, counselors and campers play on a daily basis. Playing allows campers to have fun, express themselves creatively, and learn all at the same time.

Children are our most precious resource. Take time out of your busy schedule and focus on your kids. You just might learn something! We hope you will be joining us at camp this summer! Green Acres; it’s the place to be!

Posted by lynnc on Wednesday March, 11, 2015 at 03:27PM

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