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Problem Solving through Making Choices

We have been having a blast at camp! Each day has been filled with swimming, exciting activities, and all around fun! Campers have become very comfortable in their units with their new friends and counselors. In addition to the fun, the skills of collaboration and problem solving are continuing to develop.

Throughout each day, campers make choices about their activities, games they play at recess, and their behavior. They learn that friendship blossoms through kindness, encompasses more than one person, and can include disagreements. Campers are encouraged to work through these disagreements by discussing their feelings and developing empathy. Even the youngest campers begin to understand the consequences of choices they make and are able to work through situations with the help of their counselors.

Parents can continue this education at home by providing opportunities for children to make choices, and accepting the consequences of those choices, both positive and negative. Choosing an outfit, what to pack for lunch, and which chores children will complete are just a few ideas parents can incorporate into the day. Be sure to hold children accountable, and accept their choices. That includes allowing your child to wear the plaid shorts with the polka-dotted shirt that he or she chooses. J

When children disagree or argue about a direction you have given, consider phrasing your expectations as a choice rather than as an order. This will empower them to make a decision and that decision will be a choice that they have made, including the consequence.

Green Acres Camp emphasizes choices, creativity, friendships, and fun. It also fosters social and emotional development in a safe environment with caring adults.

Green Acres; it’s the place to be!  

Posted by on Monday July, 14, 2014 at 08:59AM
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