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The Importance of Physical Activity

In the dog days of summer, when the temperature reaches ninety-five degrees, no one wants to move out of the air conditioned buildings. There is a danger of leisure time becoming filled with video games, television, or perhaps, if you’re lucky, reading or playing a board game. Despite the hot weather it is imperative that children continue to participate in physical activities.

At Green Acres, campers have multiple opportunities to be active throughout the day. Organized games such as the favorite Russian Dodge, Doctors and Soldiers or soccer involve the use of physical skills coupled with strategy. Creative games might incorporate a theme, such as Kryptonite Toss, World Cup Relay Races, or Ring around the Planet dance.

It is important for children to continue to participate in physical activities on the weekends and when camp is over. Exercise keeps children physically fit, provides an outlet for excess energy, relieves stress, and clears the mind. In addition, it gives families an opportunity to bond and have fun together.

When children are outside, choose activities that involve water, such as swimming, playing “Duck, Duck, Splash” (ask your child about that one), wet sponge tag, or water balloon toss. Take frequent breaks, and drink plenty of water.

Inside fun can still be physical. Dancing, playing indoor games with a Nerf ball, or doing yoga are just a few ideas. Visit your local recreation center or public indoor pool where physical activity can be done in a cool and spacious area. Whatever you do, keep moving.

Ask your children for ideas. They are sure to be a great resource as they have been having fun at camp. Green Acres: it’s the place to be!

Posted by lynnc on Tuesday July, 8, 2014
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