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Workshops: Where the Familiar and the Unknown Collide

Incredibly, this is the second week of July! The first three weeks have been a great success, and we expect the rest of camp to be just as fantastic, if not better! This week, I want to talk about one very important part of Senior Camp: workshops! Now, for those of you who may not know, workshops are what we call afternoon activities for campers in units D through GH here at camp. Unlike the morning activities, which the campers choose each session (every 3 weeks), workshops are different every day! The campers select which activities they would like to participate in during their lunch period. In my opinion, the best thing about workshops (aside from the introduction of new games/crafts each day) is the sheer variety of activities that campers can participate in. On any given afternoon, you could find campers playing kickball in the gym, making mosaics in the art room, swimming, conjuring model magic creatures in the middle school building, competing in a game of capture the flag on the field, or even heading out on a nature walk. The myriad of workshops that exist every day at Green Acres allows for every camper to find an activity that suits his/her desires!

When I was a camper, finding out the day’s workshops was always a fun, but suspenseful endeavor. What would today’s activities be? Would there be any sports to play? Could all of my friends be in the same workshop? My head was always overflowing with ‘what ifs’ and urgent inquiries. But one question always seemed to pervade through my sea of curiosity: how could there be so many different activities? Where did they come from? The answer to this question was not clear until I became a counselor. It is the creative Green Acres staff that comes up with new workshops! Every week, each senior camp staff member submits a list of workshop ideas that includes sports/games, cooking, along with arts and crafts. These suggestions are given to our awesome workshop coordinator, Bobby, who complies these ideas every day into a small list of games and projects that the campers can choose from. Since tons of new, unique suggestions are constantly coming in, the river of workshop ideas never runs dry. The next logical question that you may have is this: despite having all of these new games, are there any activities special to Green Acres that the campers can take part in? The answer to this question is a profound yes. While new, seemingly unknown workshops can be seen every day throughout campus, old stalwarts, like Russian Dodge and Camp Paparazzi for example, still make daily appearances.   

In the end, it is up to each individual camper to decide whether or not to try something new, or go back to an activity that they have previously found entertaining. The familiar games provide the campers a sense of comfort, while the unknown activities come with an exciting suspenseful vibe. Despite these differences, one thing is certain: the freedom of choice allows for each child to leave Green Acres happy every day! Remember to check back to the blog for more updates!!! Go Camp!!!

Posted by davidl on Monday July, 7, 2014 at 08:07AM

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