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The First Week: New Choices, New Friends, New Adventures

Amazingly, the first week of camp is already in the books! The campers have settled into their units, met some new friends (or reconnected with old ones), and are now ready to jump into the rest of this first camp session! While I was a camper here at Green Acres, the first week of camp was always filled with excitement (with a bit of apprehension), as new, innovative activities appeared alongside the many camp stalwarts that made (and still make) Green Acres such a great place. This same excitement that I felt during my years as a camper was palpable over this past week. The campers not only were ecstatic to continue older camp activities such as Woodworking, Sports, or Art, but also seemed excited and inherently ready to branch out and try some new things! One of my biggest fears as a camper was not getting the activities that I wanted during first week sign-ups. However, summer after summer, year after year, I realized that trying a new, unique activity was a blessing in disguise. Here at Green Acres, all of our programs are fun, enriching, and can most definitely introduce a child to a newfound activity that they could fall in love with! While some of these new endeavors may be scary at first for a few campers (as I often was), I know that they will have a blast no matter what activities they take part in!

A few other great aspects of this first week were our Fun Friday festivities! Many of our campers and counselors arrived at Green Acres decked out in stripes and polka dots for our first spirit day! We were also delighted to watch a group of show dogs (from the Frisbee Dogs show group) perform various tricks and put their acrobatic skills on display! In Senior Camp, each unit also had a chance to create a unit mural reflecting each spirit day that we will have over the course of the two, three week camp sessions, and each unit’s name. These were presented in a grand ceremony this past Monday, and we also got to hear each unit’s unique cheer! While the mural and cheer may seem superficial and cheesy, these specific objects/activities help create a unified team environment. This environment is one that not only produces a fun experience for the campers, but also fosters each child’s social development, as they learn how to be a vital part of a team.

Overall, this past week was not just the first week of camp, but was also the beginning of a summer full of new, enriching experiences that can last a lifetime! I am excited to help provide the kids with a camp experience that was as much fun as my own Green Acres experience was! Remember to check back to the blog for more weekly updates! Go Camp!!!
Posted by davidl on Friday June, 27, 2014 at 08:12AM

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