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FAQ's About Our Swim Program

As Pool Director, I always get a lot of questions about our swimming program. Below are some frequently asked questions as well as our responses. If you have questions that are not included here but would like to answer to, please leave us a comment, and we will respond.

My camper has swimmer’s ear and cannot swim for several days. What will he do during swim lessons?

Your child will observe the swim lesson each day so that he receives the same information the other campers receive. Because this is a common event, swim instructors work hard to include the non-swimmer in the lesson by having him or her throw the rings for other campers; hold noodles, dive sticks or hula hoops for the other campers; or involve them in games from the pool deck.

 Can my child wear floaties or water wings in the pool?

 No, and please do not send these to camp with your child. We really want the campers to feel comfortable on their own in the water, even if they only enter the pool for a few minutes or remain in the shallow beach entrance area. Flotation devices provide children with a false sense of security, and we work hard to help children feel comfortable in the water on their own.

 Do you provide googles for campers?

While we always have a few spare pairs of goggles around, we cannot provide goggles for every camper every day. If you child prefers to wear goggles, please send them each day. It is important to label these so that if they get left behind, we can return them to your child. To ensure a proper fit, have your child put them on and take them off a few times on their own. If your child cannot try them on in a pool before camp starts, do a test run in the shower!

 My son is VERY afraid of the water. Will you force him to swim or throw him in the pool?

No, we will never force a child to do anything he or she is not comfortable doing. Through splashing on the steps and through many interactive games, we encourage campers to enter the water and to gain confidence while in the water. Our goal is to help each camper learn new skills each summer and to remain confident while swimming.

 Do you offer private lessons and how do I register for them?

We offer 30 minute private lessons each day before camp between 8 and 9 AM and after camp between 3 and 4:30 PM. Although we try to have the same counselor with your child in private and group lessons, we cannot always guarantee that. Most campers take two private lessons per week, but some campers swim with us as many as three times per week or just once a week, depending on family schedules. Parents can register their camper for private lessons by sending an email to Please note that we DO NOT begin scheduling lessons until the first full week of June.


 Are swimming skills really being taught because my daughter says she only plays games during her lesson?

This is my favorite question each summer, and every time I hear it, I jump for joy because it means that campers are learning and practicing skills in a creative way. Camp follows the same progressive philosophy that Green Acres School has, and we work hard to make our swim program developmentally appropriate and fun for campers. Our counselors engage campers in lessons through many games and have them practice the target swim skills via these games each day. Games include but are not limited to: Four Corners, Red Rover, Mother May I, and Sharks and Minnows.

 Is the pool heated?

Yes, it is. In the early days of June, we often have the heater turned on so that the water is at a comfortable temperature for swimming. However, as the days grow warmer, the water heats up rather quickly, as Mother Nature takes care of heating it for us.

Should my child wear her swimsuit to camp?

This is really a matter of preference. There is time for campers to change into their swimsuit each day, but if your child needs a lot of time to do so or cannot do so without significant help, then wearing the suit might be more practical for her. Some campers love to arrive at camp showing off their suit, while others hate find that it gets in their way. Please remember to pack underwear in the backpack if your child wears her suit to camp!


Should I pack two swimsuits since my child may swim twice a day?

Again, this is a preference. Dry suits are always easier to get on and off, so it may make your child’s transition to afternoon swim or private lessons easier, but some campers have a favorite suit that they would prefer to wear every day, if they could. Whether or not you pack two suits, remember to pack a plastic bag for the wet suits so that the other items in the backpack remain dry.





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