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Grade 8 Capstones

Student examines an Ozbot submerged in water

Before our 8th graders graduate and take on the world, they take on unique capstone experiences that encapsulate all they have learned at Green Acres: how to be of service to others, how to be academically successful, and, of course, how to be joyful throughout it all.


Green Acres' philosophy bred a curriculum that gave me the freedom to explore and find my interests, instead of one that was simply interested in evaluating my intelligence or ability to regurgitate information. So I left Green Acres having absorbed the principle that education isn't about finding or assessing your limits, but about expanding your horizons.

kat '12, st. luke's school '16, massachusetts institute of technology '20


Did you know that Mister Rogers once visited Green Acres School? An icon of child engagement and a proponent of being a good neighbor, he recognized in Green Acres School a kinship. Learn more about our program and discover what inspired Mister Rogers to describe us as a "superb school."

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