November Tidings

Thanksgiving turkeys

By Rebecca Geary, Head of School

As I reflect on this year and the differences between last year and now, I think about how far we’ve come. I appreciate the energy and normalcy of our students joyfully playing and running around, and the masks almost seem invisible through the excitement as students ramble and frolic through the woods playground.  

In classrooms, students are animated and eager to share what they know, fully engaged and collaborative with classmates. The 1st and 2nd grade migration unit culminated in a fabulous display of art, music and rhythm, and movement in the Gully. Now, with the Thanksgiving lunch and Soccer Slam behind us, I am happy to have experienced an almost regular Green Acres tradition.  

In Middle School, I’ve been meeting with some 7th and 8th grade students as we start to develop a student advisory board, whose (draft) mission is: 

The Green Acres School student advisory board provides space and voice for students to advocate, share their views on their student experience and about the school community, and work together to explore areas of growth or improvement for the school. The board is meant to ensure that student voices, and their perspectives that impact decision making, are heard and considered.

Their care and interest in making Green Acres the best we can be is impressive, as are their ideas and approach to this work of creating a space and opportunity for student leadership. Once the board is officially started, the regular meetings will culminate in the 8th grade representatives presenting to the Board of Trustees at the end of the school year.  

We are excited to envision what a fully vaccinated student experience may be in the coming months, as many of our students will be fully vaccinated sometime in January. Peter Klam, Assistant Head of School, has been instrumental in leading our COVID task force through the many conversations, decisions, and pivots this pandemic has required as we strive to keep our community healthy and safe. Nova, our school nurse, followed through to secure onsite vaccine clinics (see the GreenLine for details). Siblings also are welcome, regardless of what school they attend.  

The warm, caring community that is Green Acres buoys me, and, while the waters might not always be smooth sailing, I respect and value the gift of community members' lenses and input. I see, through our current enrollment and financial trends, light on the horizon, along with great opportunity borne of our strategic planning process, strong foundation of transformative progressive education, and the talent of our teachers and staff to support students who develop into thoughtful, strong, and creative individuals.  

May this holiday season shine light on your families and friends and bring joy and hope as we head towards a new year.