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COVID-19 Dashboard

Please note that Green Acres Camp exercises the discretion to implement its own community-specific guidelines, which may differ from those you see below.

COVID-19 Testing & Screening Guidelines & Procedures

Biweekly COVID-19 testing is required for all staff and students, regardless of vaccination status (unless the individual has tested positive for the virus within the past 90 days). The test must be dated on the Tuesday of that week. The school has arranged for on-campus testing during the school day each on each date that we have required testing, which will meet these guidelines; alternatively, students may use their own healthcare providers. The school nurse will have access to PCR test results from the on-site testing company.  Those who test with outside providers must send their test results to that Friday by noon.

Masking PolicyWe have a mask-optional policy for all grades, both indoors and outdoors. This decision is informed by local data and metrics, a critical analysis of our own community's vaccination rates, and confidence in our other continuing mitigation strategies, such as testing (see above). 

We continue to ask that all children bring a spare mask to keep in their backpack or cubby as a safety precaution. 

Guiding Principles in Our Decision-Making

  • Vaccination leads to milder cases of COVID-19 and inhibits (though it doesn’t prevent) infection and spread of the virus;
  • Unvaccinated individuals are as at risk now as much as ever, and the level of risk depends on the metrics and mitigations in place;
  • People can contract the virus even when metrics are low and mitigations are strong, but both low metrics and strong, consistent mitigations significantly influence the level of risk for a community;
  • The risk of infection indoors and outdoors are fundamentally different;
  • The risk of spread via surfaces is very low, but not non-existent; this is largely an air-borne virus;
  • Mitigations make the community safer.

Learning Scenarios

In the event that more than half of a class is required to quarantine, virtual learning will be available for that class for the duration of the quarantine, excepting the first two days, which are reserved for teachers to pivot to online platforms, prepare materials for distribution, etc.  

In the event that one or a couple of students in a grade must quarantine, teachers will prepare asynchronous work, activities, and materials for students who fall in this category so that they remain engaged in the coursework until they are permitted to return to campus. Teachers will check in with those students to ensure they are clear in the work given and see if any support is needed. We do not offer dual-platform instruction. 

Important Contacts

Rebecca Geary, Head of School

Vivianna Palomo, School Nurse