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IDEA Discussion: The Asian American Experience in the Time of Coronavirus, 4/22

Please join IDEA on Wednesday, April 22  from 7:30-9 PM for a discussion on the Asian American experience in the time of coronavirus. 

The coronavirus pandemic has ignited fear of renewed discrimination and prejudice in the Asian American community. People experience harassment on airplanes, unfunny "jokes" about a stray cough, outright assault and even UC Berkeley had to retract a post that called xenophobia a normal response to anxiety.
Join an Inclusion Diversity Equity Action committee online discussion spanning the history of Asian immigration to the US, the Harvard admissions discrimination case and experiences of harassment, microaggressions and misperception today. The discussion will be facilitated by Green Acres alum parent Joie Chen, director of Northwestern University's Medill journalism programs in DC, and Jin Ding, program manager at the International Women's Media Foundation. Our conversation will be relevant to anyone who's felt misunderstood or misjudged because of their identity, so basically, all of us!

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Photo of Jin Ding

Jin Ding is a program manager at the International Women's Media Foundation, where she oversees the IWMF's grants and awards programs.

Growing up in a Chinese journalism family, Jin was drawn to writing and the smell of newspaper at an early age. She first studied journalism at Tianjin University of Sport and became a sports reporter for local newspapers. After leaving China in 2011, she covered the London Olympics as a correspondent, researched nation-wide marketing for NBC Sports, and worked for the Pulitzer Center as a communications and inclusion manager.

She currently is also a co-director of AAJA’s Women and Non-Binary Voices affinity group. In March 2019, she co-founded the Chinese Storytellers, a collective empowering Chinese non-fiction content creators. It quickly becomes the largest Chinese journalists group outside of China. 

Photo of Joie Chen

Joie Chen P'13 is Director of Washington Programs for Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She joined her alma mater in this role after an extensive career in television journalism, as an anchor and correspondent for CNN, CBS News and Al Jazeera. She is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association and a long-time supporter of diversity and inclusion initiatives in newsrooms. Joie also currently serves as special correspondent for "Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien", where she reports on the intersection between politics and social justice.

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