Transportation & Bus Routes

Green Acres School Summer Day Camp is accessible by carpool and bus. In our effort to reduce traffic in the neighborhood and comply with zoning requirements from the County Board of Zoning Appeals, the Board has implemented the following policy:
In the afternoon, we encourage all children to be in a carpool of at least three campers, ride a bus, or attend PM Care whenever possible. The exception to this is for those families whose children by law must ride in a secure safety seat. 

Bus transportation is provided to several close satellite locations in the mornings and the afternoons for a small additional charge. Extended bus service (for an additional fee) is provided on a group stop basis. A group stop is a stop where 5 or more campers are picked up at one convenient location. While most of our bus riders use the bus both ways, we will try to accommodate requests for one-way service. All bus transportation is offered on a space available basis.

Transportation Fees:  
 Seven-Week Round Trip  $540
 Seven-Week One Way  $310
 Seven-Week Satellite Stop (Round Trip)  $130
 Seven-Week Satellite Stop (AM or PM)  $75
 Six-Week Round Trip  $465
 Six-Week One Way  $265
 Six-Week Satellite Stop (Round Trip)  $110
 Six-Week Satellite Stop (AM or PM)  $65
 Three-Week Round Trip  $240
 Three-Week One Way  $145
 Three-Week Satellite Stop (Round Trip)  $65
 Three-Week Satellite Stop (AM or PM)  $40
 Flex Week Round Trip  $85
 Flex Week One Way  $50
 Flex Week Satellite Stop (Round Trip)  $25
 Flex Week Satellite Stop (AM or PM)  $15
 Per Bus ride  $10


Tentative 2020 Bus Schedule (Based on 2019 routes)

Red Bus: AM PM
1. Brookville Market - 7027 Brookville Road 8:10 AM 3:50 PM
2. Chevy Chase Library - 8005 Connecticut Avenue 8:15 AM 3:40 PM
3. Kensington Parkwood Elementary - 4710 Saul Road 8:25 AM 3:30 PM
4. Edson Ln. & Woodglen Dr. (on Edson), No. Bethesda 8:38 AM 3:22 PM
5. Satellite Stop - Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Ctr., 5900 Executive Blvd., No. Bethesda 8:42 AM 3:15 PM
Blue Bus:   AM  PM
1. Westwood Shopping Center (Westbard Avenue -Rite Aid)  8:13 AM  3:40 PM
2. Whitman High School  8:18 AM  3:30 PM
3. Northfield Road and Huntington Pkwy (at 25 MPH sign on Northfield)  8:25 AM

3:30 PM - Orange Bus

4. Huntington Parkway & Mooreland Lane  8:29 AM

 3:27 PM - Orange Bus

5. McKinley St. and Old Georgetown Road (across from the hospital)  8:33 AM


6. Satellite Stop - Tilden Middle School, Old Georgetown Road  8:45 AM  3:10 PM
Yellow Bus:  AM  PM
1. Fallsmead Way & Pipestem (1300 block of Fallsmead Way at stop sign)  7:55 AM  3:20 PM
2. Avenel Park, 10051 Oaklyn Drive, Potomac  8:20 AM

 3:45 PM  

3. Potomac Community Center  8:35 AM

 3:30 PM

4. Satellite Stop - North Farm Park, 699 Farm Pond Lane    ---  3:10 PM*
*You cannot make a left onto Montrose Road when exiting on Farm Pond Lane; however, you can make a right on North Farm Lane and a left on Tower Oaks Blvd to reach a light on Montrose Road.
5. Satellite Stop - Cabin John Park, Westlake Drive (Across from the school bus lot; NOT the ice rink entrance)  8:45 AM  ---
Green Bus - PM Only:  AM  PM
1. Satellite Stop - Cabin John Park, Westlake Dr. (Across form the school bus lot; NOT the ice rink entrance)    ---  3:10 PM
2. Satellite Stop - Cabin John Tennis Courts, 7801 Democracy Blvd    ---  3:18 PM
3. Traville Gateway Center (Giant)    3:40 PM
Orange Bus - PM Only:  AM  PM
1. Satellite Stop - Tilden Lane & Roseland Dr. (on Roseland) -  For Luxmanor neighborhood residents only    ---  3:10 PM
2. Sonoma Road & Hempstead Lane, Bethesda  8:35 AM - Blue Bus  3:20 PM
3. Huntington Parkway at Custer Road, Bethesda  8:29 AM - Blue Bus  3:27 PM
4. Huntington Parkway and Garfield Street, Bethesda  8:25 AM - Blue Bus  3:30 PM