The camp administrative team has been monitoring protocols and guidelines from the county and state health departments. We are working diligently to prepare a 2021 summer program that will allow us to run our much-loved camp in a manner that prioritizes staff and campers' wellbeing. The Camp Leadership Team would like to offer our well-known, well-loved program. However, we need to make informed decisions now in regards to the structure of our 2021 camp format. Our current idea is to create and organize a smaller camp that follows mandated COVID-19 guidelines. If health conditions improve and restrictions are lifted in spring 2021, we will jump for joy and offer the original camp program.

As we develop a smaller-scale program, our priorities are twofold:

  • Provide maximum camper and counselor safety based on federal, state, and county guidelines.
  • Foster a child-centered program that allows campers to express their individuality, broaden their interests, and enjoy the companionship of friends and staff.

The campers will be placed in cohorts consisting of 12 children and three counselors (Head Counselor, Counselor, and CIT) to meet current health and safety protocols. Junior Camp will consist of one Kreative Kangaroos cohort, three Unit A cohorts, four Unit B cohorts, and three Unit C cohorts. In Senior Camp, campers will be place in cohorts, based on campers’ activity preferences. 

Camp will utilize more outdoor campus spaces in 2021. There will be many large tents, and we will create outdoor classrooms so that the cohorts can participate safely in a variety of activities. Campers will continue to eat outside, play on the multiple playgrounds, swim in the on-campus pool, and compete on the Green Acres field. Social distancing, mask wearing, frequent handwashing, and regular sanitizing of surfaces will be required. All camp employees will be trained in COVID-19 protocols.

Due to the constantly evolving COVID-19 landscape; these plans may expand or change to ensure the health and safety of our camp community and meet new requirements. At a minimum, Green Acres Day Camp's COVID-related protocols will comply with applicable State of Maryland mandates and align with Montgomery Country Health Division and American Camp Association. As we progress through the pandemic and towards the summer season, we may alter, cancel, or replace certain aspects of camp. If we do, this web page will be updated and registrants will be notified by email. Depending on the severity of a change, we may offer registrants a full refund. Otherwise, our regular cancellation policy remains in effect. You may view a summary of the policy in the Registration & Enrollment section.

What Families Can Do

We ask that parents and guardians work with us by adhering to the following guidelines.

  • Keep any child from camp with the following symptoms:
    • Fever (temperature of 100.0F or above) or chills
    • Cough
    • Sore throat 
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting) 
    • New/unexplained nasal congestion or runny nose 
    • New/unexplained loss of smell/taste
    • New/unexplained muscle aches
    • Any other signs of illness 
    • Notify the Camp Health office as soon as any of the aforementioned symptoms occur in a child.
  • Keep any child from camp if they have been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19. 
    • Close contact is defined by the CDC as someone who was “within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic clients, 2 days prior to positive specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.”
  • Comply with any camp or medical professional’s request to have a camper or family member tested for Covid-19.
  • Follow any and all quarantine procedures requested by Green Acres Camp or the appropriate medical professional.
  • Maintain open communication with the camp’s Health Staff regarding any suspected cases of Covid-19.
  • Follow all morning attestation protocol implemented by Green Acres Camp. We will share more information about how we will ask families to attest to their campers’ health in the coming months.
  • Provide your campers with their own masks, clearly labeled with name and the direction the mask should be facing when being used. Gaiters and bandanas are not allowed as a mask for camp.
  • Keep personal toys, games, and other items at home. This will help us prevent the use of shared items throughout the camp day.
  • Have the same person pick up and drop off campers each day (as much as possible).
  • Have an authorized adult prepared for an emergency pick-up at all times.
  • While we cannot restrict families’ activity outside of Green Acres Camp, we ask that they consider how their choices before and after the camp day affect the larger community. We encourage everyone at our summer camp to follow the big 3: hand hygiene, physical distancing, mask wearing, along any other guidance from the CDC at all appropriate times. We thank you in advance for doing your part in keeping our community safe!

What Our Staff Will Do

Each day, you can expect our staff to follow the following protocols:

  • Staying at home with any of the aforementioned symptoms or if in close contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Complying with any request by Green Acres Camp or the appropriate medical professional to get tested or quarantine
  • Following all morning attestation protocol set forth by Green Acres Camp
    Preventing groups of campers from mixing throughout the course of the camp day
  • Monitoring campers for any signs of illness throughout the camp day
  • Preventing the sharing of food
  • Preventing the sharing of common items unless they are disinfected between uses
  • Communicating with the Health Office as soon as any symptoms are suspected for campers/staff
  • Implementing contact tracing protocol with all members of the camp community in relation to a suspected case of Covid-19
  • While we cannot restrict staff activity outside of Green Acres Camp, we are asking them to seriously consider how their choices before and after the camp day affect the larger community
  • Following and encouraging Green Acres Camp’s “Big Three”
    • Physical Distancing: maintaining 6 feet of distance as much as possible
    • Frequent handwashing (before/after activities, lunch, after sneezing, after coughing, after contact with bodily fluids, monitored as needed by age), disinfecting equipment and high use spaces throughout the day
    • Wear masks.

What Our Leadership Team Will Do

Green Acres Camp’s Leadership Team is committed to making the camp day safe, fun, and a memorable experience for all. Here are some further adjustments we are prepared to make should Covid-19 impact our area in the summer:

  • Providing effective, comprehensive, and ongoing training to our staff on all Covid-19 practices
  • Establishing smaller groups in accordance with state guidelines
  • Reworking group schedules to assist with contact tracing. This may affect older campers’ choice of activities throughout the day.
  • Reworking special events to prevent an entire division from grouping together
  • Organizing lunches in spread out areas, staggered times, and outside as much as possible
  • Providing a separate screening room for any staff/campers with Covid-19 symptoms
  • Moving activities outside as much as possible
  • Implementing staggered swim times/days to cut down on larger groups
  • Utilizing the school’s professional cleaning crew for large, shared spaces throughout the campus
  • Using EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants when maintaining the campus 
  • Providing the proper PPE to nurses and staff as directed by the local board of health
  • Staggering the pick up process at the end of the day to mitigate the clustering of large groups
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the campus exposed to a reported positive case of Covid-19

As the situation evolves throughout the course of the year, we will communicate more information regarding any adjustments to our programming and protocols in a transparent and timely manner. For more information about Green Acres School and Camp COVID-19 policies and procedures go to the COVID-19 Resource page.