Senior Camp (Units D-H)

Our senior campers benefit from a tremendous range of activity choices. They appreciate the opportunity to design their own schedules based on their particular interests. After visiting the subject choices and learning about what is planned, campers then choose up to five activities, depending on the unit, to specialize in for each three-week session. There are novice- to advanced-level classes available and some activities may require a double period. 

At least ten different activities are offered for the Afternoon Workshop period. These activities change daily and are chosen by the camper at the end of the previous day. Ultimate Frisbee, cooking and baking projects, basketball, and creek walks are just a few of the fun afternoon workshop classes. 

Senior campers are divided into color teams for the summer and have weekly competitions culminating in the final all day GAC Cup tournament at the end of camp.

Campers bring a snack and lunch daily; milk and water are provided. The lunches are not refrigerated. The daily schedule, sessions and activity descriptions for each age group can be found in the tabs below.

Camp Activities