Academic Enrichment

Parents and teachers alike often wonder, “What is summer learning loss? How does it affect my children/students?” It’s also tough for parents to envision filling a lazy beach day with fractions or stretching out in the back seat on a road trip practicing decoding with your child. Fortunately, Green Acres has one solution - Reading and Math Clubs at camp!

Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in reading and mathematical computation skills over the summer months – what educators and researchers refer to as “summer learning loss” or “summer brain drain.” To support our senior campers, Green Acres Camp offers both a Reading and Math Club class. Campers in grades 2–6 can enjoy one morning activity period of academic enrichment at no additional charge. These classes are scaffolded to meet the needs of diverse learners while being really fun and engaging!

Reading Club concentrates on all components of reading: phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency. Campers participate in Reader’s Theater activities, language arts games, and reading group instruction. Campers use the RAZ Kids website to read both fiction and nonfiction text. 

In Math Club, campers work on specific skills identified through a pre-assessment based on the camper’s grade level. After the developing skills are identified, campers are given an individualized program. Campers learn and review math skills using the online educational tool, Splash Math. Another component of Math Club is completing, Think Tanks. This math activity enables campers to practice their problem solving and reasoning abilities. To reinforce competency skills in a fun and engaging manner, campers learn and participate in many different math games daily. 

At the end of the session, a summary report from the Reading or Math Club instructor is emailed to each parent describing their camper’s success, as well as areas for a camper to continue practicing during the remaining weeks of the summer. Raz Kids and Splash Math are available for campers until the end of August, so learning and progress can continue!

Parents can choose either Reading Club OR Math Club and it will only be offered during Session 1. Please also let your camper know that the club will be in lieu of one activity choice. To register, you must email the Camp Office by May 17.  If there is not enough interest, we will not be holding the class.