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Learning to Pivot (November 2020)

There are so many changes in our lives. At times, it becomes overwhelming.  People react differently to change; some handle it with ease, while for others it presents a huge challenge. It has been suggested that we “go with the flow.” I have never been a “go with the flow” type of person, but, during COVID-19 and the elections, I have been working hard to become one.

When I talked to my “go with the flow” son recently, he advised me to “pivot.” Reflecting on his statement, I began to understand how pivoting makes us rethink a situation. Pivoting creates the time for us to reflect and then proceed. It sets us in motion and moves us towards a new development or transition. Not having much athletic prowess compared to my son, I am trying to put my best foot forward and have been practicing my pivoting skills.

During the pandemic, people acknowledge the oxymoron that that they must plan for the unplanned. As we pivot in response to new scientific and medical developments, Green Acres School is excited to announce that Green Acres Day Camp will begin to accept priority camper registrations on January 25, 2021 and new camper applications on February 17, 2021!

The camp leadership team would like to offer our well-known, well-loved program, but we need to make new, smart decisions now. Our current idea is to create and organize a smaller camp that follows mandated COVID-19 guidelines. If, by some miracle, the pandemic ends in spring 2021, we will jump for joy and offer our traditional camp program.

As we develop the smaller-scale program, our priorities are twofold: provide (1) maximum camper and counselor safety, based on federal, state, and county guidelines, and (2) a child-centered program that allows campers to express their individuality, broaden their interests, and enjoy the companionship of friends and staff.

Accordingly, next summer, our campers will be placed in cohorts consisting of 12 children and three counselors (Head Counselor, Counselor, and CIT). Junior Camp will consist of one Kreative Kangaroos cohort, two Unit A cohorts, three Unit B cohorts, and three Unit C cohorts. In Senior Camp, campers will be placed in approximately nine cohorts, based on campers’ preferences for activities that they will be able to choose in late spring.

Camp will utilize more outdoor campus spaces in 2021. There will be many large tents, and we will create outdoor classrooms so that the cohorts can participate safely in a variety of activities. Campers will continue to eat outside, play on the multiple playgrounds, swim in the on-campus pool, and compete on the Green Acres field. Social distancing, mask wearing, frequent handwashing, and regular sanitizing of surfaces will be required, and all camp employees will be trained in COVID-19 protocols.

Inevitably, our plans will evolve, so watch for future communications in your email inbox and on the updated camp website.

The camp leadership team has been busy! We are in the process of selecting dates for the virtual Summer in the Snow event, bingo and trivial pursuit games, and a talent show. In the meantime, you are welcome to reach out to me at With Judy’s retirement and the hiring of her replacement, I am pivoting in numerous directions at present. But I will always stop to chat about camp because Green Acres Day Camp is THE PLACE TO BE! Stay safe and well!

Marylouise Bracho

Camp Director