The Green Acres Difference

At Green Acres School, we provide our students with powerful learning experiences that challenge them to reach their potential. We believe potential is abundant in every child, and that it can grow and develop in extraordinary ways. We are dedicated to nurturing this potential, relying on a proven model of progressive education that helps students develop into determined makers, joyful risk-takers, skillful and knowledgeable critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, imaginative explorers, intrinsically motivated learners, and socially-conscious members of society. 

As you consider priorities for your child’s education, we invite you to learn more about our school.

We are a leader in progressive education. 
A student’s own motivation is at the heart of progressive education. After over 80 years as progressive educators, we know how to spark that motivation in every student. That’s the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Hallmarks of the progressive approach include a deep respect for kids as individuals, putting kids at the center of their education, close attention to the developmental stages of children, and authentic opportunities for students at school to do the kind of work that has meaning beyond school. Our progressive approach features:

  • Small classes where children’s ideas and the development of each child as a whole person are highly respected 
  • Caring, experienced, and knowledgeable staff who foster determination, kindness, and integrity, and develop students who actively contribute to the community 
  • A safe, inclusive community where a broad view of diversity honors all students and families

Our curriculum is age-appropriate and based on child development.
Our process of education embraces every aspect of child development:

  • We challenge students intellectually in an engaging and supportive atmosphere 
  • We attend to children’s growth cognitively, socially, emotionally, creatively, and physically 
  • Our teachers inspire students to discover how they learn best 
  • We build upon each child’s strengths to develop skills and self-confidence

Learning at Green Acres is joyful. 
Our teachers have an uncommon ability to tap students’ genuine excitement and curiosity about all aspects of acquiring knowledge and new skills. They intentionally craft projects that are meaningful to our students, so that learning becomes more engaging and enjoyable.

Our students develop strong character. 
For students, this includes a deep awareness of themselves as individuals, a sense of responsibility for the larger community, and an awareness of our diverse and complex world. Our students are commonly described as bright, confident, resilient, self-reliant, thoughtful, socially adept, and highly engaged in learning. By the time they graduate from Green Acres, our students have encountered rich and varied experiences, they are accustomed to taking responsibility for their learning and for their community, and they are well prepared and excited for high school.

Our students experience a longer childhood.
In a culture where more and more parents find that children are growing up too fast and confronted too soon with mature, “adult” concerns, Green Acres’ Pre K to Grade 8 environment provides an oasis. With little or no older teen influence at school, our students remain more ingenuous, more likely to engage in healthy, age-appropriate activities, and more comfortable being kids a few years longer than peers at many other schools. Hot-button topics that can affect teenagers (including alcohol, drugs, sexuality and violence) are discussed as part of our advisory program, and handled with care to increase understanding and help prepare young people to respond to these issues in healthy, productive ways.

Our Middle School students experience early leadership opportunities. 
At Green Acres, Middle School begins in Grade 5. Because our Middle Schoolers are at the “top of the hill,” they serve the school as leaders. They respond to new responsibilities, such as mentoring students in the lower grades, with maturity and vision uncommon for their age. Middle Schoolers meet and greet at our Open Houses and admission tours, and 8th graders even design their own presentations for our graduation ceremony.

We address and help prepare for top high-school placement starting in 7th grade. 
Our students graduate from 8th grade with a strong sense of who they are, both as learners and as members of society. Because high school is a significant transition for every student, we begin working with our students in seventh grade to identify appropriate high schools. We also help guide families through the process of applying to independent schools or preparing for the transition to public high school. Our students emerge well prepared to select their next school environment. 

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