Community Voices

Merita, 7/8 Science & Engineering Arts Teacher

In order for [students] to feel challenged, you have to figure out a challenge that comes from real-life experiences—things that they wonder about and they don't have an answer for. And that's what makes it challenging: we’re guiding them how to figure out the answer to those questions they have.


Ali Teaching
Ali, 1st Grade Teacher

The way we assess at Green Acres is through authentic observation and recording. We're always reevaluating where the kids are based on the work that they're doing—not based on a worksheet that they fill out, but based on watching them and seeing, ‘Did they do that more quickly this time? Was it too easy? Did they finish it in a second? Did they make a lot of mistakes?’ Every little thing they do, we're watching, we're noting, we're measuring. 

Chip Teaching
Chip, Music Teacher

I seek to create a warm environment that is supportive and where people are kind, listen well, and work together to create. When you make music, the best music you make is the kind you make with other people, which requires empathy and listening that I try to instill in them.

Mary M Teaching
Mary, 3rd Grade Teacher

It isn’t just about the academic child—it’s about mind, spirit, and joy. That’s what it’s supposed to be about.

Mary S Teaching
Mary, Creative Movement Teacher and Diversity Coordinator

The culture of the school [is] very child centered—a strong consideration of: What is best for the kids? What is best for the students? And how can we work together to make that happen?

Shellie Teaching
Shellie, Art Teacher

[Our students] are confident, and every year, that confidence grows because they feel safe and supported. They’re independent thinkers, they come up with ideas, and they’re good at advocating for themselves. A lot of times, children’s voices get lost, but they’re really heard here.

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