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Student Visits

Students laugh together in the library

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Early Childhood visits take place in a group setting and last two hours. Prospective students are given the opportunity to explore and work in the classroom alongside our teachers and other visiting children. The schedule includes an indoor choice time, snack, and a group time (e.g., songs, stories, and PE). Visiting adults are required to remain at school and be available if your child should need you. The visit also includes an opportunity for adults to discuss the program with current parents and members of the administrative staff.  Children should wear casual, comfortable clothing. This year's early childhood screening dates are Friday, January 26 and Saturday, February 3. Please reserve both dates on your calendar. In mid-January, we will let you know which day your child is scheduled to visit.

Grades 1–8

Students applying to grades 1–8 visit for a full day with their current peer group, spending time with fellow students and making transitions throughout the day. During the course of the day, teachers will administer curriculum-based assessments (i.e., not standardized tests) in language arts and math.

Please NOTE: Once you submit an application, we will contact you to set up a date and time for this visit.