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Welcome to Green Acres Lower School, where we offer an enriching experience for children in Pre-K through grade 4! Here, in this engaging environment, students’ minds are stretched in a multitude of ways, and they make new intellectual discoveries every day.

Even at the youngest ages, Green Acres students develop fascinating theories about their world. In our strong climate of inquiry, we encourage risk-taking as a natural part of the rich academic experiences to which students will be exposed, yet we want kids to be kids! We know, and wholeheartedly concur with child development experts, that children learn best when they are fully engaged in purposeful learning. We celebrate being able to wonder, to be curious, to question, and to be joyful in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Irene in Classroom

The Lower School program exposes students to exciting investigations that allow them to wonder and refine their thinking. A combined focus on learning collaboratively, while also building on the individual skills of students, helps them solidly grasp age-appropriate concepts.

  • A great deal of emphasis is put on the essential skills of writing, so critical to academic achievement across multiple disciplines, and life beyond school.
  • In social studies and thematic studies, students explore topics such as families, reptiles, oceans, migration, friendship, Native Americans, the early settlement of America, world geography, celebrations around the world, and rain forests. 
  • As mathematicians, students investigate mathematical ideas and engage in analytical thinking through meaningful, hands-on activities. They sort and classify blocks at clean-up time or record the number of monarch butterflies emerging from chrysalides.
  • For science, the woodlands, stream, gardens, and fields of our campus present students with rich opportunities to observe and investigate the world around them and explore scientific principles. The Lower School science program balances a study of life, physical, and earth and space sciences. 
  • Spanish language study begins in Pre-K. Students not only enjoy gaining acquisition of a second language, but they also become immersed in learning about Spanish culture as it pertains to a variety of countries where Spanish is spoken. 

At Green Acres, we value and support children for the range of gifts and talents that they bring to our school; every aspect of a child’s development is important to us. Your child will experience an environment that encourages: independent and diverse thinking, imaginative and innovative ideas, support for ones’ passions, and respect in the broadest sense of the word.

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