Library Space

The Green Acres Library is a beautiful sunlit space that is open from 8:00 AM to 3:05 PM every school day. There are more than 30,000 books in our collection, including Spanish and bilingual materials. Our teaching tools include SmartBoards in our Library Classroom and Library Computer Area, which contains 18 PCs. 

Our goals as Green Acres librarians are to inspire joyful, lifelong reading and learning and to collaborate with teachers and technology educators to integrate information literacy skills and strategies throughout the grades. Our growing collection supports the School curricula and programs and celebrates multiculturalism and diversity, as embodied by the “Big Nine” social identifiers.

Recommended Books by Grade

The books recommended below are part of the Green Acres Library collection. Reading levels and interests vary greatly, so be sure to look at the reading lists (all updated June 2019) for the grades above and below your grade.

Library Volunteers

Green Acres School library volunteers, both students and parents, provide indispensable help throughout the school year with shelving, new book processing, shelf and bookcase signs, and many other tasks.

Middle School students can earn Community Service credits in the library.

Parent volunteering is a wonderful way to learn about our collection and to see the library in action. If you can devote one hour each week or every other week, or if you would like to drop in occasionally, please email

Birthday Books and Library Fund

Birthday Books
We invite every Green Acres student to select a Birthday Book from the library collection. The book, which we inscribe with the student’s name and date of birth, remains part of the library collection.

For decades the Green Acres Birthday Book Program, started by Ruth Phang, has been an important source of library funding. Please consider honoring your child with a donation to the library, which we will use to purchase books ($10 to $100’s), digital information resources ($200 to $2,000), or guest author visits ($1,250 to $5,000). You may donate online or mail a check made out to “Green Acres School” at any time of year. Every contribution counts! Thank you.

Library Fund
We also inscribe bookplates for contributions made in memory of a loved one and in honor of an achievement or other special occasion.