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Student-Led Initiatives: Marine Biology Club

Student-Led Initiatives: Marine Biology Club

After investigating in science class how plastics affect our oceans, students in the 5th and 6th grades launched a Marine Biology Club. The student-led group, whose mission it is to educate the school community about eco-friendly practices, recently proposed a plan to phase out plastic straws at school. To first introduce the idea—since adopted by the student body—Marine Biology Club members presented to the Lower School a PowerPoint they had created. “We’ve done a lot of successful campaigns for Green Acres,” said Julia ’22, one of the club’s co-founders. “It’s really awesome because we’re taking charge. We recently made $218.25 at a school bake sale and just did a campus cleanup. We’re so near the creek, so we need to make sure no waste ends up in there.” Julia added: “Green Acres is a good place to do this kind of work. People are always encouraging you to take the lead. It doesn’t matter that you’re a kid—you’re not too young to change the world.”

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