A Wish for Our Community & the Nation

A Wish for Our Community & the Nation

Images of the Capitol under violent siege are both stunning and disheartening. The citadel of our republic was the site of what Maryland Governor Larry Hogan rightly called “a heinous attack on our democracy.”

I appreciate that our connected Green Acres community of students, staff, and families is open, shares and listens to others’ perspectives, and makes space for respectful conversation. As we affirm in our Statement of Philosophy, our values at Green Acres address the world’s abiding need for compassion, community, responsibility, and independent thought. These values ensure robust but peaceful disagreement; today’s madness illustrates the lethal consequences of departing from those values.

We urge all members of our community to follow any lawful directives and to stay safe. Naturally, my concern shifts to our young people, who are most vulnerable to this assault on their senses and psyche—especially when faced with the disturbing images they may have seen in the media today.

For those who are looking for resources to help you navigate this topic with your children, our School Counselor Abbey recommends an article called Talking to Children About Traumatic Events. To paraphrase another article:

“The most helpful thing for parents to share with their kids is that these events are rare and that adults are there to protect them,” said Dr. Stephen Brock, professor of psychology at CSU Sacramento. “We can’t deny the reality of these things, but kids need to be reassured with these facts.”

Abbey also shared the following simple tips:

  • Reassure kids they are safe; 
  • Limit exposure to news; and 
  • Keep conversations developmentally appropriate.

My wish for you, our families, and everyone is that we remain safe, that we may make some sense of what we are seeing, and that we may come together as a school community—and as a nation—to heal and grow stronger as a result.

In peace,

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Rebecca Geary (she/they)
Head of School