Post #7: November 23, 2020

Post #7: November 23, 2020

Years ago, I built an arbor from fallen cedar that I gathered following an ice storm. The aromatic branches, combined with copper pipe and wire, hold up the wisteria and trumpet vines. Over time, they have grown and entwined themselves together. In conjuring up this image, I can’t help but draw parallels to Green Acres—to our own deep roots, to our interconnectedness, to how we support and hold one another. We are both branch and flower. 


Students in grades 3–8 were blooming with excitement last week as many of them returned, if only briefly, to campus for in-person trial days. Unfortunately, a jump in COVID numbers caused us to prudently return to at-home learning as of last Friday. Peter Klam has been updating our COVID-19 Resources page with additional information of interest. While we have not yet decided whether we will return to campus before winter break, we will make on-campus PCR testing available on December 1 for staff, students, and their immediate family. See details in today’s GreenLine and on our website. 

The work ahead is to collaborate with staff to identify what additional supports are needed to envision a full-day experience for students. When we return, we plan on working as efficiently as possible towards a full-day teaching and learning model. We have ordered outdoor tents and are working on the best options for heating, as the weather will invariably turn colder.

There is much for which to be thankful and reflect: 

  • The fact that our COVID testing both times provided all negative results (if that were not the case we would have advised, yet understand people want to hear the news).  

  • Our students are so resilient, creative, and expressive, as are our teachers and staff.  

  • Our community supports each other through the tough times, the celebrations and appreciations. I especially value seeing colleagues for quick chats around campus or on Teams, speaking with parents on Town Hall calls, spending time with your children and seeing their wit and intellect in action during classes, and hearing the Green Acres stories that give context to what used to be, what is, and what might be. 

Whatever the version of your family tradition this week may bring, I wish you health, a sense of connection, and joy spending time in (virtually, most likely) with the people who matter most in your lives.  

In peace, 


Rebecca Geary (she/they)
Head of School