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A Day In the Life
Early Childhood
Kindergarten students arrive and settle into their homecorner by writing in their journals. Today, they are writing one word that describes how they feel. Students also draw a picture to supplement the prompt as the teacher supports student writing individually.
Morning Meeting begins. It's the 86th day of school! Students are counting up to the 100th day and their big 100s day celebration. Morning Meeting is also an opportunity for students to greet each other, learn routines associated with each day of the week, and even identify sight words that are in the morning message.
After Morning Meeting, some students head to the Library. Typically during Library time, the Library teachers begin with a read-aloud tied to the current unit or theme being studied in class. Then, students have the opportunity to explore new titles and read them individually or with friends.
During all four seasons, kindergarten has two outdoor breaks each school day. The time spent on the 15-acre campus is an intentional part of the School's Early Childhood Curriculum. The role of physical and social development during these early years is what sets the foundation for students to excel.
In science class, students explore the natural world and tinker with objects to discover scientific concepts. By exploring the conditions needed for a gyroscope to spin quickly, students are learning how to think like scientists.
After lunch, students break up into smaller groups to work on targeted skills. The first group begins a unit on food and nutrition. Their teacher, Trish, introduces the concept of nutrition by letting students share what they already know. After describing the five food types, students then take turns sorting different types of plastic foods.
While Trish introduces a unit, Beth reinforces geometry and spacial reasoning skills with her small group. The group uses pentagons of varying configurations to complete puzzles.
An afternoon snowfall gave students something new to play with and to explore! In the winter, students are prepared with snow pants and boots for situations like this.
No day is complete without building reading skills! Before choice time, students build on their phonemic understanding by creating new words.
Each day concludes with choice time, where Pre-Kindergarten joins Kindergarten for a variety of group and individual activities. Some students continue to write words. Others may be playing store, and some prefer to do a puzzle individually. Throughout the time, teachers facilitate new discoveries and mitigate potential conflicts that arise.
Lower School
Middle School

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