A Highly Responsive Learning Environment
A highly responsive learning environment

Not only do we boast a responsive curriculum, but our entire learning environment is responsive to the needs of a given moment. During COVID, our teachers have masterfully reimagined how we engage students in a robust hands-on program. With our current HyFlex model, families have the option of being on campus full days or "Zooming" into the classroom, reflecting our commitment to equitable access. 

Conceptually Challenging, Relevant Schoolwork

Researchers point to the connection between academic work that demands analytical thinking and problem solving (rather than memorization) and the kinds of skills needed in today's evolving workplace.

A Community Shaped by Student-Led Initiatives
A community shaped by student-led initiatives

Middle and elementary school-aged students typically have very few opportunities to play a role in shaping their learning or their communities. If children and adolescents rarely or never have an opportunity to be heard, to take the initiative, and to lead in school, when will they learn to do so?

We're friends of the environment
MS Creek Walk

Natural beauty flourishes on our campus throughout 15+ acres of pristine forest, outdoor pathways, gardens, and playgrounds. A part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed by way of the Potomac River and our very own creek, Green Acres serves as a reminder of what native landscapes may have looked like hundreds of years ago. Protecting these organic gems is a crucial part of our curriculum, operations, initiatives, and traditions.

Where Everyone Knows⁠—and Calls You By⁠—Your First Name
teacher and student

Children at Green Acres are exceptionally well known by their teachers⁠—as students and as people. Our academic program builds community, close connections, self-knowledge, and self-advocacy. Teachers and students see themselves as partners in learning.

Boost Your Brain with Recess Twice a Day
Recess Image

We see twice-daily recess as an integral part of our academic day, and we're proud to offer a program that's designed with children's best interests in mind. Neuroscientific research demonstrates the strong link between movement and improved cognition.

Don't Wait Until High School to Be a Leader
student at recess

Because our Middle Schoolers are at the “top of the hill,” they serve the school as leaders. They respond to new responsibilities, such as mentoring students in the lower grades, with maturity and vision uncommon for their age. 

Early Childhood


Lower School


Middle School



Progressive education encompasses a collection of powerful ideas about how children learn best, emphasizing experiences that matter, true intellectual challenge, learning by doing, a respect for children's natural curiosity, the social-emotional well-being of students, and democracy in action.

Since 1934, Green Acres School has championed this approach—and even helped to define it. #theoriginals #cheersto85years

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Live from Danville Drive

In this episode, Michael—our 5th, 6th, and 7th grade social studies teacher—and three 6th grade students look back on the six weeks they spent engaged in their Black History Museum projects.

Hear more about the important legacy of Henrietta Lacks, Bass Reeves, and Jean-Michel Basquiat; our students' experiences researching these historical figures; and how Michael challenges and inspires those he teaches by tailoring each research topic to each student's background, interests, and passions.

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Live from Danville Drive

In this episode of "Live from Danville Drive," Middle School Head Peter is in conversation with a current 8th grader, alumnus, and two language arts teachers. At once reflective and forward-looking, this group engages in a wonderful discussion that ultimately unveils the secret to influential teaching: building strong relationships. (43 minutes)

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